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Hand bag

Versace Jeans Borsa 75VA4BQ1ZS823 Scarlet
Versace Jeans Borsa 75VA4BQ1ZS823 Black
Sprayground Borsa 910B5605NSZ Henny phantom
Rebelle Borsa 1WRE84PV0122 Stone
Rebelle Borsa 1WRE84PV0122 Nude
Rebelle Borsa 1WRE84PV0122 Lemon
Rebelle Borsa 1WRE84PV0122 Beige
Rebelle Borsa 1WRE23TX0003 Turquoise
Rebelle Borsa 1WR088LE0444 White
Rebelle Borsa 1WR088LE0444 Lillac
Rebelle Borsa 1WR088LE0444 Green
Rebelle Borsa 1WR088LE0444 Apricot
Rebelle Borsa 1WR087LE0444 White
Rebelle Borsa 1WR087LE0444 Lillac
Rebelle Borsa 1WR087LE0444 Green
Rebelle Borsa 1WR087LE0444 Apricot
Love Moschino Borsa JC4316PP0I Denim nero
Love Moschino Borsa JC4316PP0I Denim azzurro
Love Moschino Borsa JC4218PP1I Nero
Love Moschino Borsa JC4218PP1I Fuxia
Love Moschino Borsa JC4033PP1I Grs nero
Love Moschino Borsa JC4033PP1I Grs fuxia
Michael Kors Borsa 30H3G3GT3B Brn/luggage
Guess Borsa HWSB9202060 Latte logo
Guess Borsa HWQA9187120 White
Guess Borsa HWQA9187120 Sage
Guess Borsa HWQA9187120 Black
Guess Borsa HWPS8862060 Stone logo
Guess Borsa HWPD9209060 Stone logo
Guess Borsa HWPD9209060 Light denim logo
Guess Borsa HWBG8862060 Light rose
Guess Borsa HWBA9196060 Light rose
Guess Borsa HWBA9196060 Black
Gabs Borsa G010243T3X2500 Tea verde
Gabs Borsa G010243T3X2500 Conchiglia
Gabs Borsa G010210T3X2539 Tea verde
Gabs Borsa G010210T3X2539 Antilope
Gabs Borsa G010070T2X2508 Flamingo
Gabs Borsa G010070T2X2508 Bianco ottico
Gabs Borsa G010070T1X2508 Flamingo
Gabs Borsa G010070T1X2508 Bianco ottico
Gabs Borsa G000033T3X2361 570 - mandala
Gabs Borsa G000033T3X2361 569 - jazz
Gabs Borsa G000033T3X2361 562 - frida
Gianni Chiarini Borsa BS 10835 BRICK-PL Var.naturale
Gianni Chiarini Borsa BS 10542 STSR Marble
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180201 Noir
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180201 Light grey
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180201 Celadon green
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180201 Brillant white
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180101 Noir
Coccinelle Borsa QLA180101 Brillant white
Coccinelle Borsa P7P180321 Brillant white
Coccinelle Borsa P7P180221 Brillant white
Coccinelle Borsa M50580101
Coccinelle Borsa M50190201 Noir/cuir
Coccinelle Borsa M50190201 Fre.beige/sunri
Furla Giove Borsa a mano  TONI NERO
Rebelle Flowery A698 1wr215tx0161 A698 Of White -20%
Rebelle Flowery A680 1wr215tx0161 A680 Almond -20%
Rebelle Flowery A375 1wr215tx0161 A375 Black -20%
Rebelle Flowery A680 1wr214tx0161 A680 Almond -20%
La Carrie Bag Reality Small Shopper Bag Leather Blo 132p-Tv-352-Lea Blo Blood -20%
Michael Kors Xs Ns Shopper 006 32f3s3gc4j 006 Nat/Blk
Love Moschino Borsa Pu+ Chain Ln0000 Jc4031pp1hln0000
Guess Mildred Mini Bowler Mag Hwvs8962760 Mag -20%
Guess Mildred Mini Bowler Gre Hwvs8962760 Gre -20%
Guess Mildred Mini Bowler Bla Hwvs8962760 Bla -20%
Guess Dema Mini Crossbody Flap Sto Hwqk8776780 Sto -20%
Guess Mildred Mini Bowler Whi Hwqa8962760 Whi -20%
Michael Kors Sm Tz Grab Chain 001 30s3g5wt1l 001 -20%
Michael Kors Sm Bowling 001 30f3g6ws1l 001 -20%
Michael Kors Md Satchel 222 30f3g6es2l 222 -20%
Michael Kors Md Satchel 001 30f3g6es2l 001 -20%
La Carrie Bag Frivolous M. Small Shopper Bag Tumbled Vio 132p-Tz-500-Tbl Vio -20%
La Carrie Bag Frivolous M. Small Shopper Bag Tumbled Mud 132p-Tz-500-Tbl Mud -20%
The handbag is one of the most obvious accessories of every outfit, is always comfortable, chic and at the same time due to his elegant style and recognizable.

We have selected for you the handbags of famous brands of leather goods Made in Italy,  to provide you a choice of materials ranging from leather to fabric, to rubber gel. You can find an icon like the Classic model Kelly but also large handbags that combine the style of an evergreen with the practicality of a super large purse.

Let La Borsetteria suggest you, we chose for you the trendiest and stylish handbags, so you could have the right accessory for your special moment, or for your day in the city.